Though the world may look different in this season, we haven’t “closed down.” In fact, in this season, we’ve been doing more ministry than ever, which is why we don’t say that we’ve reopened—we’ve regathered! Learn more about our approach and plan to do our best to keep you safe and healthy.


Welcome Home

At CDA Church, we are known for our loving nature and welcome. We will use wisdom, compassion, and kindness as we apply common-sense precautions.

One House, Many Rooms
Our worship services will include everyone gathering online and in person. Let’s go above and beyond to build bridges with friends, family, and new people as we love and respect those who aren’t ready to be with us in person yet.


Service Times & Arrival

Please plan to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to service start to allow for distanced seating, and please be attentive to signage and hosting as you enter the building.


Capacity & Seating

We are reducing seating capacity in our venues to allow for distancing. Our hosts to seat you and your party. As our services have limited seating, once we reach capacity, we will close entry to the venue.


Face Coverings

Thank you for wearing a face covering while on campus and during the service. All of our staff will be wearing face coverings, and we appreciate you for your consideration throughout your visit. We are doing this as an expression of our love and concern for everyone who is gathering with us.


Enhanced Cleaning

As you arrive, you may be asked to use hand sanitizer at one of our sanitizing stations. Frequent sanitization and cleaning will occur both before and after services.


Church Online

Online services will continue for those who are not yet ready to return to on-campus gatherings. Click here for Church Online.


Love Your Neighbor

If you feel unwell or if you’re experiencing any one of the COVID-19 symptoms, please remain at home. We look forward to gathering in person with you when you feel better and have the assurance that you are well.



During communion services, self-serve communion will be given using prepackaged elements.


9:30 am & 11:00 am

1344 Lathrop Ave. Racine, WI